Recently, BMW has released 2 Series models M Performance Edition performance package, which package is expected to be in March 2014 and 2 line synchronization sale, in addition to the suite exterior and interior of the car is subject to change, but also the engine, suspension frame a comprehensive upgrade. Appearance, M Performance aerodynamic design uses a series of principles, new front and rear bumper design looks very athletic, tail adds carbon fiber rear wing, diffuser and carbon fiber chassis M3 Coilovers, spoiler, brake calipers also used color painting. 2 Department Coupe M Performance also uses sport suspension, ground clearance compared to the normal version of the model reduces 20mm. Inside, M Performance Suite uses BMW M performance version of the popular three models the steering wheel and use the turn fur material. In the center console, door handles, use the disc wears carbon fiber trim, the front passenger seat increases the M Performance package logo. And also replaced more sports pedal to the metal. Power, the BMW 220D will be powered by a 2.0T diesel engine MX5 Coilovers, after re-adjustment, the maximum output of 200 hp (147kW), maximum torque of 420Nm. In addition, M235i will feature limited-slip differential, and improved muffler system. Akrapovic has been a specialist automotive aftermarket exhaust system, with its high-quality, high-performance exhaust system is known, the evolution of the BMW 435i exhaust system fit Mazda Miata Coilovers, turn in 5850 increased by 7 horsepower, torque at 3500 rpm and 10.5 Nm raised . An increase of only 800 grams quality. No price yet. Stay tuned for more information.